What does fill mean in horse rugs?

For example where we write '100g Fill'.

Fill measures the weight of the polyester fill inside a synthetic rug – think about a thin blanket on your bed versus a thicker one – the fill inside it makes it warmer.

A lightweight summer rug can vary from a plain cotton lining and 'zero fill' or 'no fill', to a light 100 gram 'fill'. The 100 gram 'fill' can also fall under the medium-weight category (or in-between).

Heavy winter weight rugs tend to come with a 200–300g of fill. The weight of the rug that your horse requires will depend on a few varying factors, such as the climate where you live, and how much your horse feels the cold.

You can also purchase one of our stable rugs to combine with a higher fill rug if your horse is clipped, or very cold where you live.