7 in 1 Massage Groomer

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Our new 7 in 1 Massage Groomer is the perfect multi-use brush for your horse, dog, calf, pig, or goat! A handy size, it can be slipped into your pocket to have at the ready. Safe to use everywhere.

Seven uses:

  • Grooms the body, face, legs – use the finer side on the face
  • Sheds – use as a shedder, just use the edge at a 45º angle
  • Shines the coat – use it as a buffer
  • Cleans hoof walls – tough enough to scrub hooves
  • Lathers shampoo – great to scrub!
  • Scraper – use to scrape off water, just use the edge at a 45º angle
  • Massager – use to massage your horse's muscles


  • Bristle and blade-free design – multipurpose, therapeutic and durable
  • Soft cleaning rubber diamonds – use the small side on face and legs, use the large side to remove dried mud, sweat and stains, lather shampoo and massage
  • Gentle grooming edge – shed hair, clean skin, add shine, scrape water
  • Flexible and safe – contours comfortably on the body
  • L: 40cm, W: 6cm